CAT Breaks the Language Barrier

CAT provides professional interpreters as a critical essence in ensuring the success of conferences, training, court and medical settings, and other multilingual meetings. Communication must be accurate and clear so that participants and speakers can messages clearly. Our clients and customers rely on our interpreting services because we ensure that they will be working with the most professional interpreters in language industry. With years of experience organizing interpreting services, CAT understands the nuances involved in interpretation service selection. Our interpreting services will ensure to meet your language needs.

Services CAT provide

Simultaneous Interpreting –CAT provides interpreters for conferences and large meetings and court settings.

Consecutive interpreting – CAT uses this technique for smaller events such as face-to-face meetings, negotiations, training sessions, medical appointments and guided tours.

CAT also can provide interpreting equipment, and related technical support. We offer portable "whisper" devices for smaller functions.

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